Certified Vehicle Fire Origin And Cause Determination

forensic fire origin and determination for vehicle, arson, defects, repair problem



Fire Origin and Cause determination is the art and science of establishing location where a fire started (origin) and the ignition source (cause). Although the credentials of the Lange Tech staff allow our technicians to investigate all types of fires, we choose to limit our investigations to the subject we know best; motor vehicles.

At Lange Technical Services, we believe that although certifications may suggest that an investigator can perform any type of fire investigation, vehicle fire investigation requires a specific knowledge of motor vehicle systems. This is why our investigators are certified not only in fire investigation, but as certified as vehicle fire investigators

Many systems, components and combustible materials that exist in motor vehicles do not exist in homes, offices or other structures. The proper investigation of a motor vehicle involved fire requires not only an understanding of fire science, investigation principles and scientific methodologies, but understanding of how various vehicle systems operate, how they are repaired and more importantly, how they may fail. For this reason, our technicians train not only in fire investigation but in traditional automotive technologies that teach system design, operation and repair.