Providing expert vehicle analysis and accident investigation services to the legal & insurance industries for over 30 years.


Forensic Engineering is the application of engineering principles and practices to matters of the court. Forensic Automotive Engineering combines these principles and practices with a formal and practical knowledge of motor vehicles. This is why our engineers are not only hold engineering degrees but have numerous certifications in the motor vehicle trades and years of practical experience.

Although a properly trained and qualified technician can comment on causation of malfunction, engineers can opine on how that malfunction may be associated with the design, manufacture and/or construction of the specific component or system. As such, engineering services can be utilized once a technician has identified the existence of a system or component defect. However, engineering services are often utilized for every aspect of an investigation when the exposure, and overall magnitude of the incident warrants.

Our investigative team is lead by Lange Technical Services, Ltd. president, Jeff Lange, PE. Mr. Lange is a licensed Professional Engineer in New York State, Board Certified Forensic Engineer and ASE Master Automotive Repair Technician. Along with his administrative duties, Jeff participates in all investigations by performing your investigation, assigning the most qualified team member(s) or coordinating a combination thereof. Jeff does all final reviews of investigative findings, opinions and reports. This makes Lange Technical Services, Ltd. one of the very few Forensic Engineering companies to offer engineering oversight at all investigative levels. One more reason why we are different!